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Security Department

Welcome to the Maple Heights City School District’s Security Office.  

High School Student Automobiles:  Regulations & Procedures

All students must obtain a parking permit.  If a student does not have a permit, they are not authorized to park on school district property.  The Security Director will assign students parking.  The assignment of student parking is done in the following priority:

  1. Physically-challenged students;
  2. Seniors in a school-sponsored work/study program requiring early dismissal from school;
  3. Juniors in a school-sponsored work/study program requiring early dismissal from school;
  4. Students in good academic standing;
  5. Students with good attendance; and
  6. Suspensions will result in the revocation of your parking permit.   

Students are not permitted to go to their cars for any reason during the school day without the permission of an administrator. All cars parked on the school lot must display the proper parking tag, or the car may be towed away at the owner’s expense. If a student needs to drive to school on one particular day and does not have a parking decal, arrangements must be made with the community principal at least one day in advance of the day a parking space is needed. All school parking spaces are reserved and assigned. Proof that each student driver is fully insured must accompany any application for a student parking permit.  All vehicles displaying a student parking permit are subject to random search.

Students will be allowed to park (legally, i.e., not in front of a fire hydrant, etc.) on the streets surrounding the high school where the 2-hour parking signs are in place.

Questions regarding student parking at the high school should be directed to the Supervisor of Security at 216.438.6400, ext. 1042.

*Submit your parking application asap.   There are a limited number of spaces available*
*Parking permits can be obtained at the main office at Maple Heights High School*

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Contact Information

District Security Department
Maple Heights City Schools
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Phone: 216.438.6400 Ext. 1042

Supervisor of Security
Mr. Asim Rose
216.438.6400, Ext. 1042




High School Student Parking
Completed forms can be returned to the main office
at the high school between 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

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