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Welcome to the Maple Heights City Schools’ Data and Technology Department.  The goal of the department of Data and Technology is to work to support the district’s vision of “educating our students, through expectations of excellence, to prepare them for a lifetime of success.”  We accomplish this by providing crucial guidance under 2 of the 4 pillars: college, career readiness, and high-quality instruction.

We strive to provide data that is meaningful, accurate, and timely to our staff and students.  This allows students to take ownership of their learning.  It also allows administrators to make decisions that are in the best interest of our students and teachers to differentiate their instruction to improve achievement.

As technology has become more prevalent in education, it is incumbent upon school districts to ensure teachers and staff have the tools necessary in delivering a 21st-century education allowing students to compete on the global stage.  Our department works to ensure that our technology is up to date with current trends and strategic plans for the future.  We work to train staff in how to integrate technology into daily classroom instruction.  While technology does not replace instruction, it empowers teachers to leverage it in a way that makes learning meaningful.

Our department remains dedicated to working with all stakeholders in delivering the best possible education to every student enrolled in the district. 


Mark Curtis,
Director of Technology & Data



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Mr. Mark Curtis
Director of Technology & Data

Contact Information

Data & Technology Department
Maple Heights City Schools
5740 Lawn Avenue
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137
Phone: 216-587-6100
Fax: 216-518-2675

Mr. Mark Curtis
216-587-6100 Ext. 3700



John Skalla

Data Coordinator
Mr. John Skalla, Ext. 3702

Lead Tech Support
Mr. Anthony Dipane, Ext. 1038

Tech Support
Ms. Darcy Sentowsky, Ext. 4354

Mr. Jacob Schafer, Ext. 2031

EMIS Coordinator/Secretary
Ms. Holly Vaughan, Ext. 3002

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Maple Heights City Schools
5740 Lawn Avenue
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

8 a.m.-4 p.m.

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