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Enrollment/Registration Office


Welcome to the Maple Heights City School District.  Our school district has a Centralized Enrollment Office that assists families and students with the following:

  • Registration/Enrollment in the district
  • Address Changes (within the City of Maple Heights)
  • Student Custodial and Legal Changes

Register Your Student
The Maple Heights City School District utilizes an online registration system (FinalForms) to accommodate our new and returning families better.    Parents/Guardians can now begin the registration process online via Final Forms.

Click REGISTER NOW to begin the process! 

Important Reminders:

  • Only parents, legal custodians, and/or legal guardians can register students in the district.
  • All documents required MUST be uploaded into your FinalForms account.
  • All kindergarten students MUST have their fifth birthday on or before September 30 to enter kindergarten. 
  • The school district does not accept out-of-district open enrollment. A student must reside in the City of Maple Heights to attend our district.

You will need to have the following documents:

  • Student's birth certificate (child must be 5 years old by 9/30 to enroll in kindergarten)
  • Complete Immunization Records
  • Custody Papers (a signed and certified copy, if applicable)
  • Ohio Driver’s License or State ID 
  • Withdrawal Form/Transfer Slip from your child's prior school
  • Last Report Card (if applicable) 
  • Unofficial Transcript (high school only) 
  • IEP (special education students only) 
  • Medical Exam Results (special needs, pre-school only) 
  • Proof of residency - 3 current forms: 1 from Category I and 2 from Category II: 

Category I (provide 1 item)

  • Home Owner's Mortgage Statement; Deed or Property Tax Statement; City of Maple Heights Occupancy Report; Section 8 Documentation; Valid and current Lease/Rental Agreement and Owner Affidavit and Proof of Ownership

Category II (provide 2 items)

  • Voter Registration Card; Utility, Cable, or Cellular Phone Bill; Bank Statement; Pay Stub; Valid & Current Driver's License or State ID with Maple Hts Address; Municipal Income Tax Records; Credit Card Statement; Car or Home/Renter's Insurance Declaration; County Benefit Voucher; or Other Official Documents 

Mark Curtis

Mr. Mark Curtis

Contact Information

Enrollment, Registration & Truancy Office
Maple Heights City Schools
5740 Lawn Avenue
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137
Phone: 216-587-6100
Fax: 216-518-2675

Mr. Mark Curtis
216-587-6100 Ext. 3700

Homeless Liaison Coordinator
Rosalin Wynn
216-587-6100 ext. 3703

Sue Stephens
216-587-6100, Ext. 3701



Register Now!


Should you need assistance with FinalForms, please review the FinalForms Playbook for additional information.

How to register your student:

  • Select "New Student Registration
  • Enter your email address and a password to create a new account 
  • Enter the student's full, legal name and birth date
  • Follow the instructions and begin filling out the online form
  • Please note: all fields marked "required" throughout the form must be filled in to complete registration. Use the menu on the left side of the screen to move between the different sections of the form.
  • Read through the agreements, select "I agree" for each agreement to move forward. 
  • Upload each required document (a scanned copy or a picture of each document). Once you have uploaded all the required documents in the correct place, click "next" at the bottom of the page. 
  • Complete the electronic signature, confirming the information you have submitted is accurate. Click "next" to review the entire form. Any required fields that you have not completed will be displayed here. Click "edit" to complete any missed field. Press the submit button to complete the registration. A submission confirmation page will appear. From this page, you can begin to register another student.
  • Please note: Separate registration is required for each student.

Should you have questions regarding the enrollment process, please contact our Enrollment Office at (216) 587-6100, ext. 3701.


You have a continuing duty to immediately inform the District of any changes of residence (including proof as required) and/or standing as to a legal custody (including the most recent court documents).

Parents are also required to notify the school office immediately of any changes in current home, work, emergency, and/or cell phone numbers. Updates can be done as needed throughout the school year as needed.  Additionally, at the start of each new school year, parents/guardians will be required to verify and/or update as necessary the contact information that we have on file for each of their students by logging into their FinalForms account.

If you are leaving Maple Heights Schools to go to another school district, you will need to withdraw your child(ren) from our enrollment office.  Withdrawal forms will be in the lobby outside of the enrollment office to be completed.  Once complete, please press the buzzer to be let in to submit your form.  We are only allowing 1 person per family in the office to complete this process.  If at all possible, please do not bring children for these purposes.  Pleas At that time, you will be given a copy of the withdrawal form and school records to take to your child's new school.  You will need a photo ID.

District Calendar

Contact Information

Maple Heights City Schools
5740 Lawn Avenue
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Phone: 216-587-6100
Fax: 216-518-2674