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Maple Heights Educator and Student Recognized at ESC of Northeast Ohio Education Excellence Awards

Posted Date: 06/02/2022

Maple Heights Educator and Student Recognized at ESC of Northeast Ohio Education Excellence Awards

Maple Heights City Schools educator Ms. Sandra Grabowski and Maple Heights CIty School student Chole Tate were recognized at the 2022 Educational Service Center (ESC) Excellence in Education Awards. 

For the past 43 years, the Educational Service Center (ESC) of Northeast Ohio and State Support Team – Region 3 recognize students with special needs, peers, and educators with the annual Excellence in Education Awards.  Because of COVID-19, the yearly recognition brunch has not been held in person in the past three years, but a video has been created to celebrate and honor these incredible individuals, along with the great things that are happening in special education in Northeast Ohio.  Recipients this year also received a yard sign and certificate.

Maple Heights City School District 2022 Outstanding Student Achievement Award Winner is Chole Tate. 
Chole Tate is a third grade student at John F. Kennedy Elementary School. Chole is a role model student. She participates in all lessons, even when it’s difficult for her. She follows directions and respects all adults and her peers. In any given situation, Chole is always kind and offers solutions to fix things when problems arise. Chole’s perseverance through difficulties is amazing, she has never given up. She continuously reaches out for help and support, and never shuts now. She is extremely talented and dedicated. She works hard to earn everything she has accomplished. She is an amazing student. She is special and has a huge future ahead of her. Nothing can get in her way!
Maple Heights City School District 2022 Outstanding Educator Achievement Award Winner is Mrs. Sandara Grabowski.
Mrs. Grabowski is an exceptional educator. She consistently goes above and beyond the duties assigned to her and often takes on the duties of the others. Grabowski has often filled in for her cooperating teacher because in her words, “It’s what’s best for the kids; they need the structure.” Grabowski has always provided up-to-date and rigorous instruction and interventions to meet the goals of her students and set them up for success. Her compassion and loved for her students is incredible to witness.  She truly wants the best for all of the students in her class whether they have special needs or or not. She regularly spends her planning period and the time before and after the school day working with kids to make sure that they receive the support and guidance that they need to work through skills taught in the classroom, complete homework assignments, or receive the emotional or behavioral support needed to succeed. 

In this year’s video presentation, Jim “Basketball” Jones shared an inspirational message to the award recipients.  The message was meant to encourage both the educators and students to take ownership of their efforts, be willing to learn from others, and believe in themselves in order to reach their full potential. Jim believes in the power of a positive mindset and that while we all learn at our own pace we can all find success if we persevere and never stop learning. Jim struggled at an early age with dyslexia and spoke of his personal journey of how those around him contributed to his success. He shared how he found his talent and how he used his talent to give back to the community that spent so much time helping him. Jim has spoken at over 8,000 assemblies over the past 25 years at schools across the country and continues to adapt to circumstances like the pandemic by using video to spread his message.

“This event gives us a chance to pause amidst all of the hecticness of a school year and truly just be thankful for special people in this world,” said Superintendent Bob Mengerink, ESC of Northeast Ohio.  “I know that in my 51 years as an educator, it is students and staff, such as those recognized here today, that have made me not only a better educator or administrator but also a better person. They have forced me to reflect on how I might lead or inspire, but also how I treat others, how
I can show compassion. How I should never give up on myself or others, even when it’s hard.”

CLICK HERE to watch the video tribute.