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Maple Heights City School District Celebrates International Literacy Day

Posted Date: 09/09/2022

Maple Heights City School District Celebrates International Literacy Day

Literacy is a superpower at Maple Heights City Schools. On September 8, students and staff celebrated International Literacy Day by participating in numerous activities throughout the District.

At Maple Heights High School, staff and students were invited to wear shirts featuring words or messages from books. At 10 a.m., the school completed 15 minutes of STOP, FREEZE, AND READ. The first five minutes was a collective school-wide reading over the PA system, which then transitioned into five minutes of the teachers reading to students in their classrooms. In the last five minutes, students were encouraged to read a book. Several high school students also visited the elementary school classrooms to read their favorite books to the students. “It was great to see our older students excited to share their love for reading with our younger students, answering their questions as the stories progressed,” said Principal Dr. Shay Price, Maple Heights High School.

Educational and Career Advancement Center (ECAC) Program students enjoyed reading books to the children at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School. Together, they created a mural that represented the book’s theme. This mural is on display outside of the school’s library. 

John F. Kennedy Elementary School students kicked off International Literacy Day by reading the poem “Open A Book” over the morning announcements. Students also participated in a 10-minute STOP EVERYTHING AND READ activity. The school also held a book giveaway during the day. 

At Barack Obama Elementary School, Principal Dr. Kiena Hughley stopped into several classrooms to read a book to students.

Milkovich Middle School celebrated the day with a STOP, DROP, and READ activity for 20 minutes during social studies classes. Prize tokens for the book vending machine were given out to several students for participation.

Teachers had the opportunity to win a Barnes and Noble gift card by submitting a picture of themselves engaged in a literacy activity with their students.
For those who could not participate in the activities in the District during International Literacy Day, please enjoy  Armyyah, Maple Heights High School, and Teachers Academy Senior reading of Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters.  

Video of Students reading to Classes 
Video of ECAC Excited to Read to students.


High school teacher reading to her class 


male high school student reading

ECAC Students at Lincoln Elementary School

Female teacher reading